Upcoming in June: Gunnison County Democrats First Highway Clean-up #DemsDoGood

On a warm morning this June a group of ten civic-minded hunters and gatherers joined forces at the Almont Resort. Equipped with reflective vests and orange garbage bags, they set out on a mission to remove litter and debris along a three-mile stretch of Highway 135 bordering the Gunnison River. Two hours later, after hunting down plastic bags tangled in bushes, dislodging chunks of Styrofoam blocking culverts, and picking up way too many cans, bottles and cigarette butts, over 20 large garbage bags had been gathered. (While no buried treasures were discovered, a pair of men’s Fruit of the Loom underwear was recovered. Contact CDOT if you think they might be yours.)

Why, you might ask, would anyone want to spend a lovely summer day picking up other people’s trash? Simply because it’s the least we can do to honor planet Earth and this beautiful place we are lucky to call home!

Meet some new folks and join us for the next highway cleanup in June (date TBA.) All are welcome! Contact to get in the loop.