Checkbox (icon)Your Vote Matters

Online voter registration is available at Colorado Secretary of State

If you do not want to register online, complete the paper voter registration form and mail it to:

Gunnison Country Clerk
221 N. Wisconsin
Suite #C
Gunnison, CO 81230

In 2016, voters passed Propositions 107 and 108, which allowed voters who are not members of any party (unaffiliated voters) to vote in primary elections. However, unaffiliated voters still cannot participate in precinct caucuses.

If you are unaffiliated, you will be allowed to vote in the primary election in June, but you will not be allowed to participate in either the Democratic or Republican caucuses this March.

If you are unaffiliated and have more questions, please refer to the frequently asked questions page regarding primary elections page available on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website.  You may also contact our office at or 303-894-2200 (extension 3).

The Colorado Secretary of State has provided a handy list of frequently-asked questions for party caucuses and primaries.

You can look up the voting precinct assignment for your address at Gunnison County Precinct Maps